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Quad Bike Safety Tips

Quad bikes can be extremely fun, but they do come with a fair amount of risks. Therefore, they need to be operated in a safe and responsible manner. So, here at it’s Quad Bike Insurance we have listed some helpful safety tips which every new rider needs to know.

There are a few common hazards with quad bikes that can cause injuries but can be easily avoided if appropriate practices are used.

What to wear

Compared to cars, quad bikes don’t have a lot of common safety features such as seat belts, air bags and walls which help protect you from serious injuries. Therefore, it’s extremely important to wear the correct protective clothing that will help protect you from serious injuries, if you happen to fall off. But you might be wondering, what is the appropriate clothing to wear?

The most important bit of kit to wear is a motorcycle helmet, ideally with a visor to prevent anything from limiting your vision. You do not have to legally wear a helmet on a quad bike but it is highly recommended to wear one, as it helps prevent the risk of serious head related injuries. 

Other important protective clothing you should be wearing are; knee & elbow pads, gloves, motorcycle boots and a long-sleeved motorcycle jacket & trousers. These should be worn to help prevent the risks of severely injuring yourself from impacts, sliding’s and falls.

Carry out spot checks

It is important to carry out regular spot checks on your quad bike to ensure that everything is working as intended. For instance, your brakes, steering, brake fluid and oil levels. If you are concerned about anything, we recommend taking the quad bike to your nearest garage.

Common Hazards

Coming off your quad bike can be a scary thought for any rider, you can get easily pinned down and dragged along by the quad, which will increase the likelihood of serious injuries. Therefore, it’s important to take the necessary steps to help prevent this from happening.

To help limit the risk of losing control of your quad bike, it is recommended to grasp an in-depth understanding of how well your quad bike is at turning and braking at high speeds.

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