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Why do I need Quad Bike insurance?

The most frequent questions that gets asked when purchasing a quad bike is ‘do i need insurance?’ It can be a dark area when it comes to rules around insuring your quad bike.  Insuring your quad could be the appropriate option for you, even if you don't legally need it. To take the stress out of your hands, this easy to read sample will give you excessive amount of useful information on everything you need to know about quad bike insurance.


Why I need insurance?

Quad bikes are used in many different ways. They are used on farms to herd the sheep and carry feed, large estates and small-holdings. However , not only are they used in these areas, they can also be used to have fun. More leisure riders are buying atv’s for some entertainment when they have the spare time. They are able to take the quad bike on a variety of different terrains such as muddy areas and snow.

Due to quad bikes being used in many different ways it can cause uncertainty over exactly what paperwork you need in order to drive your quad bike safely and legally. By law not all atv’s have to be insured. Getting the correct insurance can be difficult particularly if you want to drive on  the roads.


Rules of driving quad bikes on the road

  • You must register your quad bike with DVLA and the bike must have front and rear number plates.
  • Quad bikes used on the road need a valid MOT certificate if they are more than 3 years old.
  • To drive on the road you need to have a full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997.
  • You must have third party insurance to drive a quad bike on a road.
  • A quad bike can only carry passengers if it's designed to do so and has the right number of seats.
  • Drivers and passengers in England, Scotland and Wales don’t have to wear crash helmets but its recommended.


What does third party insurance cover?

This covers any claims that have been made against you if other people have been injured or their property is damaged by something to do with your quad bike. However, it does not cover you for any damage sustained to your quad bike if you have an accident and if your quad bike has been stolen. On the other hand comprehensive insurance can give much greater piece of mind if the repair costs are high.


Driving your quad bike at public events

When there is a large event, quad bikes are a quick and easy way to get around. However , if the event takes place on a private land, its still considered as a public place and therefore third party insurance is needed.


What are my quad bike insurance options?

There are many reasons why insuring your quad bike is a good idea as they are a prime target of theft. If you rely heavily on your atv, it can be reassuring that it can be replaced straight away. Similarly , you can be assured knowing that the investment is protected.

Sometimes your quad bike may be included in your home and outbuildings insurance. Although to double check you should always make sure your broker is aware of any exclusions. An example is that you may only be insured on your quad bike whilst its in the garaged locked away, not in use. Your home insurer may set a certain limit on single items or the total contents of your outbuildings, and your atv may exceed

the limit. Because of this it is key that you check what cover has been put in place so you don’t lose money.


Reducing quad bike insurance premium

You could reduce your insurance premiums by following these steps:

  • Building up a good no-claims record can mean better discounts, saving you money on your insurance.
  • Ask for guidance and help from specialists insurers like Its Quad Bike Insurance which understand a lot about insuring your quads bike.
  • Don’t always go for the first quote you get. Search around for a better deal by speaking to insurers like Its Quad Bike Insurance to find the best quote for you.
  • Tell your broker for any additional security you have placed on the quad bike such as an alarm or tracking device.


Preventing theft

There are many ways you can reduce the risk of your quad bike from being stolen. By adding an alarm and a tracking device it will reduce the risk.

If your quad bike has been stolen, taking out a comprehensive insurance will protect you financially if your quad is stolen.


Cover for personal accident

Because there is not much protection when driving a quad bike it means that you can easily be injured. There are many options for financial payouts if you are unable to work for a certain amount of time as a result of an injury whilst driving your quad bike.


Finding affordable quad bike insurance

Our specialist vehicle team at Its Quad Bike Insurance only compare quadbike insurance quotes from our approved insurance brands, offering affordable and reliable cover. Using well known and trusted insurance providers, who compete to offer you the best quotes and policy benefits. This allows us to offer you cover of the best quality at the most affordable prices and by offering this comparison service means we can save you time and money.  Please don’t hesitate to call one of our members of staff on 01708 897 480. We are open 7 days a week, Monday-Friday 8:30am-7:30pm, Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm and sunday 10:00-4:00pm.


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